The Marketing Secret to Tripling Your Sales This Year

While most companies have a good sense of who their customer and clientele are they often do a poor job at maximizing their reach to these customers. A lot of sales come from brand loyalty and reoccurring customers that have developed into the customers that will buy and promote your products for you. The goal to getting 3x the sales is not only marketing to those people but the people just like them that are just on the fence of joining the club. Most times if you engage this crowd it will tap into the people looking for you anyway. Whether you promote a new product that has added in an aspect of the culture or characteristic valued by your audience or market your brand by creating great ads that attract those exact customers. Whatever direction you go you want to head towards the direction of positivity most people get discouraged because of the negative feedback and the negative feedback is often people who are not your customer, people who would never become brand loyal to your company or even buy your product to begin with. The idea of putting your creativity on the will always come with backlash no matter what it is look for the positive comments, the positive likes and views. Which is another major impact to increasing your sales, analytics, that word can bring fear in a lot of people but analytics is fairly simple and most channels offer a way to see these analytics incising views, impressions, and click aways. These statistics are not only vital to your business they will tell you what is working and what is not. This can help bring your marketing campaigns to the next level because if you are always trying to figure out the best way to get your message out there this will help tweak and learn where to make adjustments.

How to Create an Ad in 15 Minutes (Easy for anyone)

Most businesses don’t always focus on the marketing aspect of things when they are shorthanded and do not have any specialization in the field of marketing. This process usually only takes 15 minutes to create an Ad that can help generate a boost in your activity with your customers, I will break down this easy process step by step. First you want to identify what it is you want to effectively sell to your customers if its brand awareness, a promotional sell, or a new product launch. Once you’ve identified what it is you want to convey to your customers you must now think in which ways will your customers most likely receive this message and want to act on it. This is usually the hardest part of the process and it takes some research and an understanding of your customers to successfully do this. If you find yourself having a hard time with this step take a look at some of your competition and see how they are sending messages through ads and then come back to the process and factor that in with your customers who may be a little different and add the uniqueness of your company. Once you have your message fully locked in you must then gather a great idea to display this message whether it is a through a display, video, podcast, or any thing you bring your creative mind to doing. This can be a bit tricky when you are not skilled with putting together your creative thoughts and bringing them together. If you are able to use power point, and use a camera phone or google this is simple. You can take a photo of something that represents your message and add text to the picture and if you want to take a step further take a few more pictures and add text or talk over the presentation conveying this message more drawn out and export it as a video. Now you have a simple commercial. This is a wonderful feeling when you have a message complete that you want your current customers to see in hopes that it will bring better quality to your business to attract new customers. This process takes 15 minutes of complete focus and should be used so you can effectively engage your customers through the channels of your choice. This can be done on the fly it is such a simple process and most business owners and teams fail to do this. – Dom

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