Beating Covid-19 as a business..

While the United states and many parts of the world are shut down. The reality of the situation is that a lot of businesses are suffering and unable to creatively sustain through this storm. While this is unfortunate and we can dwell on that but we won’t. Moving forward in a positive direction based on whenever the Quarantine subsides you need to be working on setting a few things in place like updates, planning, and genuine appeal which I will break down.

I’ve touched this topic on the Podcast and I will revisit since it is very important. You need to reach out to any existing clients or customers and leave a statement on your website or social media where people can understand your resolve on the current situation. While you may be unable to do anything to help remedy the situation at all, warm words of encouragement and understanding during these times will go over well in such a customer service based society we live in. This will set you apart and build rapport with these customers and clients who are struggling now but will later down the road be capable of doing business with you again.

Anybody who’s ever started a business, managed a business, created a project, edited a film, shoots photography or does graphic design understands the importance of planning. This is crucial and while we all may know the importance of planning in the chaotic world that we use to live in, it seemed like it was hard to prepare for planning and setting up to attack just like you wanted to. Well given that the world is paused and you have all the capabilities to envision and project when we will be up and running again to start planning. Planning to me means creating as I go as well so setting up budgets, artwork, fundraisers, and video projects are incorporated in there as well. This will set you apart from the others who are at home planning on what netflix show they will watch next.

The last and vital piece to beating the virus as a business is to use genuine appeal. This may seem annoying at this point that emphasis on being genuine but it is because some many people get it wrong. This is simply putting aside your ego and wants to focus on the needs and wants of your audience. FORGET YOUR PROFIT MARGIN AND GOALS just for a little bit, while those are important the empathy is the number one way to show how genuine you are to you community and customer base. Free events, samples, trials, lessons and services carried over well when there wasn’t a global pandemic going on. Now if your a business that cannot afford to do this that is okay there’s still creative ways you can affect your market. The businesses that can, certainly should and this is not a play on taking advantage of the people that are hurting as the economy becomes worst. No this is a way to show them you care and will sacrifice a premium product or service to show your appreciation for the greater good. This will carry more weight than anything else once these people are capable to do business with you again, they will not forget. A few businesses have started doing such already as Nokia and Rosetta stone are giving free lessons and trials during this time. Simple but goes a long way, creatively think of what you can do to impact the people around you as a creative.

“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” – Doe Zantamata

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