Increase Sells on Instagram 2020

Most leaders in every industry have taken their business to Instagram, the push has come because of the appeal for and audience instagram has drawn.

You ask yourself but why instagram? Truth is decision making happens a lot on instagram as brands as advertised through influencers, this is where they discover brands and exclusive deals. You also get to connect with your potential and existing customers unlike any other platform, visually appealing posts, and you can engage in conversation with customers directly. Instagram also gives you access to a mini store on their own e-commerce service through facebook. This is vital to displaying products in an organize fashion which creates a higher conversion rate rather than being redirected to your website.

Genuine Post and Stories

People love natural and organic posts when shopping around through brands. The more they can relate to the brand the more personable it will feel. This should inspire them to buy from your company at a higher success rate than anywhere else.

Paid Posts and Stories

Advertising is an art and with the right technique and target you can generate sales through paid advertising. This usually is done by great brand awareness highlighting the uniqueness of your company, numbers like dollar amounts on sales and discounts, and relatable content through location, pop culture, and anyway your audience would relate.

Shoppable Stories and Posts

While you can direct all attention to your website and gain more traffic, why not hone on the customers base that is busy and being redirected is a turn off for most. Once you have set up your IG store it is vital to make shoppable posts so your followers are aware. Get creative with caption, photoshoots, and graphics. This can be the difference of catching someones attention.

Tips to Sell More

Comments, likes, views, and shares will affect how you are listed on the feed due to the Instagram Algorithm. This means that you will need to work those numbers to get a high ranking on the order you will be shown on feeds.

High Quality Pictures and Videos difference when you show the consumer you put time into the posts you are putting out and not just giving minimal effort.

Work your Hashtags, It is important that you create memorable hashtags that your followers will look towards to gain more insight on your company. Also the use of hashtags can lead others to your page based off of the relation of topics so try to incorporate as many as possible that are not misleading.

Work with the influencers if your budget allows it, most will want some compensation and it has become a big business but there are still some local influencers that may be willing to work with you for free products or services if you do not have the budget just make sure you reach out because you never know they may love what you are doing.

Sharing Customer Content is crucial, most people are represented by their resumes and their accomplishments. This is great way to show people your resume on the impression you created on others. It’s like peer pressure most people find it easier to like what others are liking as well.

Cross Social Media platforms is great way to get each great exposure. This comes from tagging links and letting your audience know where else they can go to buy or get in contact with you depending on what you want to cross reference.

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