Some Shit You Just Can't Prepare For

There is so much going on in the world today, but this virus has stifled the world in so many ways already. During these trying times I find it that people have strayed away from business all together. Yet we must take action and prepare for the worse, there is much positivity to look forward to with the time you have now of being in your homes. Sharpen up the skills you’ve been wanting to for so long, create the content you want to roll out for the summer, there’s just so much you can do. If you want to take it a step further and attack right now from a business standpoint you will need to be innovative. While the odds are against you with a lot of people out of work there are ways to be beneficial to your community.

Reach out to other local business and competitors

While doing business with your competitors never sounds like a good idea, this could actually work because a band of businesses will be more effective than one. This shows the company’s principles and morales. This can long term put your business ahead by a long shot.

Release a statement on where you stand with what is going on

There is so many people that fail to speak out during troubling times and these are not the leaders that the community will look towards. Even if it is controversial it is nice to hear that you will not be involved in the topic rather than nothing at all. The community wants to know that you care. That is it simply. So many companies that have no safety standards they could provide for people during these times if they tried such as sound cloud and youtube which are internet services. These companies still found it important to make a statement. With this being a pandemic and effecting so many people on a large scale it is almost a no brainer. Your company exist only with the current of what is going on and stay silent could be detrimental.

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