Destiny Partners 2020

Hey Everyone,

This will seem more like a journalist blog sometimes and educational at other times. It will never be perfect but always improving these and the some of promises of 2020 that you will get from Destiny Partners. The new year has brought a lot of excitement among us all. Okay maybe it is just me but I feel things shifting in a positive way now only for marketing but creatives as well. Today there is so many ways to add value to not only your own brand but to your business relationships as well through marketing, creating content, and using your talents digitally and physically.

While people who are antiquated in thinking have been trying to run from developing technology but it seems like no one can escape the continuous increases in todays tech. While that is the case in that industry it directly affects the marketing industry and it seems like most are predicting the implications that tech will allow personalizations to distinguish companies in the very soon. The common person knows that knowing someone’s name makes all the difference in the world. People are proud of their own names and they love to be called by and shown the attention directed towards them. This is what the big marketing trend is suppose to be in 2020 at a much larger scale than before. I’ll touch on this more next week and tell you what are the other thoughts on trends for the year are.

The podcasts for Destiny Partners are going to be here, on our website, Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and now Youtube. These are the main audiences we intend to capture and feel confident that we will be consistent on delivering quality contents, tips and how to’s to you guys this year. If you guys ever need any help on a project or any work please reach out to us we would love to help.

Here’s to a wonderful year!

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