5 Marketing Tips That Will be Huge to End 2019

  1. Create Opportunities

Most people and companies have their business strategy planned out for the reminder of the year and they would be fools not to have that done by now. I only say that because the biggest sales months are upon us and with that are opportunities not to only increase your sales but to maximize the ways you effectively market. The channels you use currently you may want to take a look at some more. Most people focus on a few channels where there is majority of the people. Well in some cases you may not be hitting all of the potential clientele. By just tweaking and adding a few channels as there is plenty of other channels then just twitter, facebook, and instagram. Explore and tweak your plan you may be surprised with who you are able to reach.

2. Use Your Existing Content

The content you create takes a lot of time from you and your team. This content is often times not used to the extent that it should be. One photoshoot shouldn’t just result in 5 post of quality pictures and one video should result in just one quality video. Edit and chop up the video and go add words and/or use different filters, create a gif or a meme using those photos. This is important because the more that you use your content to its fullest extent the more creative you get with ways to use it.

3. Recognize Brand Advocates

Once you develop some steam and have things rolling and there are people that use your campaigns hashtag, enter into all of your contest, or buy all of your products. These people are your brand advocates they are loyal to you therefore they must be recognize which will result in increased business from them or the people they influence to buy. You must reward these people by offering opportunities for chances at referrals and contest. Most people respect gratitude and it will go a long way with your branding.

4. Optimize the Customer Experience

Optimize until you can’t no more… like lil nas x would say. That was a reference to one of the most popular songs of all time according to the data if you don’t get never mind. The customer experience is adding value wherever you can to help people either not believe your company is boring, more accessible, and just keeping things up to date. The more traffic you get you want to stay on top of your website and add so that when returning customers come back there’s extra content they didn’t have before. That is how you continually optimize and create a customer experience that your brand will be known for.

5. Be Genuine and Authentic

Anybody who follows me knows that I like to keep most of my post very professional but very authentic and genuine. It is like having content with no flavor, people won’t go for it. Humans make decisions based off of emotions rather than logic a lot of the time. Most humans can detect bull shit a mile away and I’d say 90% can detect fake love/attention as well. This is why sales pitches in marketing do not work most of the time. People want to feel and be treated like humans and have some attachment to whatever it is you’re trying yo convey to them. Use memorable messages something that will cause a reaction from human emotion and not a robot even though that day keeps getting closer and closer.

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