Why Having a Surplus of Content Ready To Go is Valuable

Hey Everyone,

Many of you who follow Destiny Partners know we like to give you guys weekly podcasts, motivational wednesday, and other content. Well if you haven’t noticed we hadn’t put out any content the reason being is I had an accident playing basketball which ended up in me breaking a finger. Many stitches and antibiotics later we are back with a valuable one that I wasn’t able to set up before the incident.

The lesson happens to be stock piling content, this may seem simple and will go over a lot of people’s head but there is so many times people lose out on traction they have been gaining and it is due to not releasing anything new for a lengthy period of time. In my case it was only two weeks but the two weeks matter and here is why.

The people that follow you look forward to your posts which isn’t hurting anything by missing a week or couple days but eventually they will check for new content from you and will lose interest. This happens a lot as often people come up with the big grand marketing scheme and start out very aggressively only to not carry that throughout the entire period of the plan and they start to slowly posts, interact, and create less and less. It’s almost impossible to keep a marketing plan consistent and constant with out those three things.

To keep this from happening you need to spend some time putting together a couple of content pieces whether it’s a podcast, IG content, or whatever. Stash the items in a folder somewhere for a rainy day or some unforeseen event that where you can stay relevant in your niche and not lose your gained and potential traction.

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