My Story #CreativeMarketing

This week isn’t tips or step by step instructions how you can improve your marketing but instead it will be a very unconventional way for you guys to get to know me and gain some insight on the marketing strategies that have placed me where I am today. Almost 5 years ago I started up a company that was going to create a culture that my college town had been missing. This may seem redundant now because so many people do this like bar stool sports and a number of media pages. This company I started was one that every student could relate to and given we had a campus of 35,000 not including alumni my target audience was pretty big but one of the things I harp on now when marketing to such a broad audience is to find these connection between them. It helped I was attending the university and knew what most people would relate to because I was in the same audience with them. This is a advantage most business owners have the luxury of using themselves to market certain things but this is why I continually grew. I used the combination of things going on in Kennesaw along with popular culture which is the modern day news for young adults, they are more likely to flip on social media and learn something about what’s going on in the world more than they would flip on a TV and actually pay attention. I started out with the growing pains any company starts out with and eventually become the top Social Media Account, Website and Clothing line in the city all with just a Solid Marketing Strategy and the determination to never give up. After all this success in which wasn’t any profit made of the company it was giving value to something much larger to me. This is important and I think a lot of business who are trying to find where they fit in, that could be what is missing. You should try to add value to the community you conduct business in and you’ll see a shift not only in monetary value but spiritual value as well. This is what led me to the marketing aspect of business and creating Destiny Partners. After learning a few skills in college and naturally understanding how to market this was my pursuit and something I enjoy learning and doing. I have been involved with multiple business teaching, building, and creating marketing strategies, content and many more thus allowing them to be more successful and learn rather than be drained or bamboozled by a immoral marketing agency. I give you guys my story from the heart and I’m looking forward to working with more companies and people.

Go Check out the video on Youtube or Instagram,”My Story” I go more in depth. The 10 Minute Creative Marketing Podcast is also out on Apple,Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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