How to Develop Your Story

The best stories in the world are often distorted, incorrect or flat out plagiarized. The difference in marketing and telling your story to an audience is that this should be genuine and based on your companies vision and direction while there is nothing new under the sun your story is unique and something your audience wants to hear about with great detail. A lot of companies tell stories to their audience and don’t tell enough or they over share. You want to invoke something in your audience whether it creates an emotional response, answers a question, or simply fascinating content for entertainment.

It isn’t hard to get emotional response from people on social media. The ease of access for commenting and voicing individual opinions behind a screen can be done effortlessly without a second thought. This is why you must take comments with a grain of salt. It is so easy for people to get discouraged on different social media platforms because businesses are often not represented by one person it is an easy target for opinions. Most of these comments are not from your customer and any clients you want to keep they are outliers. These negative comments should be avoided at all costs and if you need to interact to clear any air always take the high road. A great quote I heard once is, “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools. Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” – Jayz this comment is one you really have to take to heart when you decide to share your story. While these comments can be disabled or deleted if they are outrageous, let’s get back to the positives.

The more you open up about who you are, what you stand for, and WHY your audience will lock in with you on another level. This is the kind of level that creates brand loyal people the best customers that will give you open and account, give you referrals, and bring retuning business back into your company. This is because people will become not only invested in your story but the business. This is the power of story telling which in the larger scope of things that is all that marketing is.

Get to know your audience and the way you want to send your message in a way that will resonate with them. If you need to go shoot a video of your business and add music that will appeal to a more hip audience do it or if you need graphics and bold letters to grab your busy worker audience’s attention for a second then send your message that way. It can be subtle or it can be in detail. The messages you send should never be in one format the same story should be told multiple times so it resonates. While you can add to the story or tell a new one that compliments other elements factored into the business, sticking with the same story and telling it in new ways with little additions is ultimately the goal.

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